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Home Grown Success Stories

"I didn't join a gym, I joined a family!"

personal trainer for moms in mentor ohio

My experience since joining HomeGrown has been amazing. I didn't join a gym I joined a family. The trainers care about you; not just about your fitness but about YOU as a whole. They really get to know you. The group is amazing.

They make you feel welcome right away and become your friends. Being someone who felt nervous about being the 'fat girl' in class I was glad to find the group never made me feel that way. Everyone is there to encourage you and push you to be your best. The trainers are great at pushing you in a way that is more like a cheerleader and less like a drill sergeant.  


I now care about fitness and enjoy it, which I have never done before. I tried other workout classes before and going to other gyms but I was bored and dreaded going every time. I have never felt that way here. I now not only enjoy going to the gym but I look forward to going. I also enjoy working out outside of the gym which I didn't enjoy before.
These guys have changed my perspective on fitness and health and has helped me make a lifestyle change. Since joining, I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 8 and lost roughly 20 lbs. 

My life with my twins has also improved because not only is it easier to run around with them, but they actually feel lighter as they get heavier.

Also, getting to spend an hour away three days a week to refresh myself and get out frustration has helped improve my overall mood. 

-Nicole Discenzo, Member of the Home Grown Familia and Fit Mom

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